Personal Training

I offer personal and small group training through Legacy Fitness in Franklin, North Carolina.  This training can take several forms:

  • Getting you started.  This introductory type training is excellent for beginner exercisers, or those looking to learn the proper technique for basic exercises. My focus here is not only proper form to ensure your safety, but also determining an appropriate program for you (including any injuries, goals, and your lifestyle.) I typically recommend 3-4 sessions at the beginning so you really learn the form.  These basic exercises are the foundations of anything you'll want to do later.

  • Ongoing program design.  Often clients do introductory sessions with me, but realize that their body has adapted. By scheduling sessions at on-going intervals, I can change your program to ensure that it continues to meet your needs and appropriately challenge your body.

  • Ongoing personal training.  For those who want a little more accountability and program design, I offer packages of twice a week or three times a week personal training.  

  • Whatever your goals, budget, and lifestyle, together we can create a plan for you!

Group Classes

I teach classes for those just starting their fitness journey to really advanced exercisers looking to get in great shape and improve their body composition.  Classes are taught at Legacy Fitness, and are (currently) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


My beginner classes are designed to not only safely introduce you to exercise, but to teach you the proper form for exercise.  These classes are supportive and absolutely intimidation free-- created so that I would have been comfortable in them at even 250 lbs with not much strength or endurance.  They are scaled so that each participant receives a great workout that is appropriate for their body and current level of fitness! Classes are often circuit style and focus on whole body movements. Though they work hard, participants have a lot of fun in the process!

Advanced classes are exactly that! (And they require instructor permission in order to ensure participant safety.  I can't allow you to take a class that you aren't ready for!)  These classes are designed to take your fitness to the next level, and use heavier weights, plyometric movements, and more complex training routines. Classes often focus on several body parts. 

The Advanced "HIIT IT HARD" Class busy doing their thing.

The Beginner/Intermediate Class nailing the form.

Nutrition Coaching/

Meal Plan Design

Because I believe that proper nutrition is foundational to not only success, but to the correct functioning of your body, I believe that it's really important to learn how to actually eat. I teach my clients carbohydrates, proteins, and fats do in the body, and how to eat them to meet their needs and goals. I teach them how to determine the number of calories their body actually needs, and show them how to make real food work in their real (sometimes messy) life. I also teach clients how to beat cravings, but still have some fun with their food! 

A meal plan is individualized based on the person's caloric need, goals, lifestyle, and dietary restrictions.


One of my biggest passions is teaching people the same information that helped me finally succeed (and transform body, mind and spirit!) I love to teach seminars that include the basics of nutrition, or training programs, or even how stress affects the body and what to do about it.  Please sign up for the mailing list to be notified of upcoming seminars.

Looking for something different for your corporate or civic event? I'd love to partner with you to bring topics of health or fitness to your group. I'll present the information in a way that your crowd will not only understand, but enjoy... and remember!

Health/Fitness Writing

Do you need an article (or series) for your newsletter, website, or other audience? I'd love to partner with you! I've written for a variety of markets, and bring thoughtful expertise to all that I write.


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